"Let's Learn The Arts Together: One World, One Language" is a performing arts program for pre-school children through age twelve in daycare facilities. This is a six week arts program offered once a year at a designated local daycare facility by Artistic By Design Center, Inc. staff and partners.

The program includes skills training in accordance with the Ohio Standards for Art Education in following:

  • Singing - songs from around the world to build vocal skills and cross-culture exposure
  • Music Ensemble - basic music skills in groups using a variety of hand-held instruments
  • Piano - an introduction to the piano in a group setting using a simple song for mental acuity and fingering dexterity
  • Rhythm and drumming - rhythm techniques using assorted drums and percussion instruments
  • Dance - basic techniques in ballet, jazz, hip-hop and dances from other countries; i.e. meringue, salsa, etc. to build and develop motor skills
  • Drama - an introduction to theater; staging, character portrayal and costuming to increase confidence and memorization skills
  • Drawing and painting- artwork related to song, dance, country etc. learned during the program

"Let's Learn the Arts Together: One World, One Language" is two hours, three days per week for six weeks and concludes with a presentation by the childraen and other community partners before a live audience. For more information on how your daycare facility can participate or how you can be involved please contact, Diane Winfree, Executive Director at 216.375.8321 or at info@artisticbydesigncenter.com.




Music 2 Seniorsis performance program to senior centers, day programs and nursing homes by the students of Artistic By Design Center, Inc. Our students provide a one-hour program of solo and group performances in a variety of genres.

Music not only provides entertainment but is a universal language that everyone understands. Music 2 Seniors bridges the gap between the young and older adults through the language of music.

The ultimate goal of Music 2 Seniors is to stimulate their minds, energize and invigorate their spirits and provide an experience that both the seniors and the student performers will cherish and remember forever.