All Music Lessons Are Tailored to Each Individual Student!

Student enrollment in piano begins at age 6. This course includes one-on-one instruction in the following:

Piano Technique, The Staffs, Notation, Scales, Ear Training, Sight Reading, Time and Key Signatures, Sharps and Flats, Chord Construction and Music Scores/Charts.


Student enrollment begins at age 6. Drum lessons are offered in 3 Levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Beginner: Basic Rudiments, Note Values and Rhythms/Patterns.

Intermediate: 40 Standard Rudiments, Basic Sight Reading and Musicality.

Advanced: Sight Reading, Technique and Improvisation.


Vocal Lessons enrollment begins at age 15. Students enrolled in this course will receive instruction in:

Proper breathing and air support in singing, posture, vocal resonance and projection, diction and articulation, vocal registration, tone quality, stage technique, an introduction to vocal styles and basic music theory (i.e. notation, key signatures, sight reading, ear training, etc.).

"Where words fail, music speaks." - Hans Christian Andersen